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Quick Facts

Population: 3,854
Average home price: $195k

Life in Williamston

Williamston real estate is located on the the easternmost edge of Greater Lansing, located about 15 miles east of Lansing. This small town is home to many Lansing and Metro Detroit commuters seeking a quiet place to unwind in the evening and spend time with their families. The Red Cedar river flows through the downtown area, completing a delightful landscape for residents or visitors enjoying coffee, antiquing, or shopping. Those seeking more amenities may prefer Williamston real estate closer to the downtown area, while those looking for scenic views and rustic landscapes will enjoy the outskirts of town near forests and farmland.

City Services

Local School Information

Public School District

School Rating
Overall grade: 8/10
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Homes For Sale in Williamston

There are no homes currently listed in this area.

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